About Me

I am a certified Transformation Coach and Master Reiki Practitioner.

My name is Charl Pienaar

I have read countless self-help books, attended even more self-improvement workshops and courses, counselled with Phycologists and Psychiatrists – with little or no improvement in my mindset. I had this constant itch that I just could not scratch.

Then I came across Transformation Coaching and it completely changed my life!

I am a natural cynical person and, considering all the previous therapeutic mishaps I underwent, I did not expect much from these technique. Even while undergoing these therapies myself I did not expect anything to change.

But the next morning I could feel a massive difference within me. The outside world looked and felt different – brighter, clearer. I was able to face the world with confidence – as myself.

I can testify without a shadow of a doubt that nothing compares to the Transformation Coaching Techniques. The Techniques are designed to allow you to sort your issues out effortlessly.

I schedule my sessions after hours so you don’t have to take off work.

For your convenience we can meet at my Rooms in Hartbeespoort or it can be done remotely.

Accommodation can be arranged at Palm Valley Inn (self-catering accommodation – walking distance from a shopping area Palm Valley Inn), so you can stay for the weekend (or longer) – have therapy and enjoy the scenic beauty of Hartbeespoort.

Each session is about two hours, but it can be structured around your needs.

Cut the world off for those two hours you are in session; and do bring all your baggage to the session – everything!

Do not expect to lie on a couch and tell me your entire history. I focus on the outcome of each session – the solution to your issue.

We will focus on how to get you past a certain event, a block or overpowering restriction – NOT on the actual event.

Contact me ONLY if you are ready to let go of whatever is holding you back and ready to give 110% in each Therapy session.