Healing from Trauma

Your state of codependency is born out of extreme childhood trauma.

Yes – it happened. Not easy to admit – is it? Continue suppressing it?

Yes you can… but you do realize that it will come back to haunt you… again… and again…

When you suppress the emotions and feelings relating to a trauma you use a massive amount of energy – that is why you feel so exhausted.

It will not go away by itself. Stop telling yourself this.

You will start manifesting self-destructive coping mechanisms – excessive smoking and drinking, drug-use, self-harm.

Let’s deal with all the fear, shame, anger, hate – the triggers – the BELIEVES you formulated – the codependent lifestyle you adopted since.

Do you avoid certain things, which remind you of the trauma? That’s perfectly normal.

But why change your lifestyle, avoiding certain things that could / used to bring you joy?

The Transformation Technique’s will make it possible for you to reflect on the trauma without those overpowering feelings. You will continue living your life without avoiding people, places and situations.

Bring joy back into your life.

Start living your life again!

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