Codendepency is synonymous with an inability to establish healthy boundaries.

Boundaries are your core values – what you are willing to accept and what you are not willing to accept.

Because we are people pleasers, we will change our values and principles to suite the situation or company we are in. We can feel when someone crosses a boundary, but we disregard this feeling so that we can fit in and not be rejected.

In any healthy relationship both partners respect each other’s boundaries. In a toxic relationship one partner will see how far they can push your boundaries while the other codependent partner succumbs to this pressure because they do not want to upset anyone or the situation.

Codependents specifically struggle with boundaries because we feel we are not worthy to say something or stop the abuse. We have a lack of self-love and self-worth. We feel unworthy of that which we know we deserve.

To get to the point of loving ourselves unconditionally is a long and difficult journey. We have to face those parts of ourselves that we do not like or even hate. This is where courage comes in.

I will assist you to come face to face with those emotions and beliefs that trigger your self-loathing. Once this is removed we will rebuild a positive believe system. I will give you techniques to rediscover your values and principals – which is the basis for establishing healthy boundaries.

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