Resolving Your Inner Conflict

“I want to …”
“No! There is no time. No money. What about…”

“I can do that”
“No way! It’s too risky!”

“I feel so conflicted!!!”

You feel like you can’t make a decision. Why are you always second guessing yourself?

You see a lot of opportunities come and go – a certain part of you always holding you back:

“No! It’s too risky”, “It will never work”, “Take the safe bet”.

Yet deep down you have another part of you knowing that the risk is worth it. And what an adventure it will be!

Who usually wins the argument always raging within you?


And then, when the opportunity has gone… all you are left with is REGRET.

The what if’s…

Stop wasting opportunities, Stop wasting more of your life!

Those “voices” (parts of you) you “hear” advising you, warning you, pushing you is YOU.

Yes – It feels like they are constantly in conflict. Constantly pulling you in all different directions. Driving you up the wall.

Inner Conflict Therapy is a process where we will find a common ground between these conflicting parts within you; and have them stop arguing the entire time!

Your “thoughts” will quiet down after the therapy.

You will be able to make decisions confidently – without second guessing yourself.

No more debilitating fear of the unknown.

A new future – A new you!

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